Tuesday, April 7, 2009

San Francisco: Funtabulous Family Vacation

I just read in the Financial Times that San Francisco is a good choice as a travel destination for business groups looking for a low-profile opportunity to hold face-to-face meetings. With the economy in the tank, traditionally popular destinations like Orlando and Las Vegas are under scrutiny. Having just come back from a writers’ event sponsored by PenNobHill in San Francisco, I can attest to what a funtabulous city is perched above the Bay.

The vistas are stunning; strolling the pier is delightful and relaxing; the ambiance is international; the cuisine superb.

If you’re considering taking the family along, there are plenty of activities for kids. We had nine young adventurers with us on a Saturday in San Francisco and found plenty to keep them smiling.

We visited Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, and I believed it all, except for how the kids were able to touch their noses with their tongues and even twist their tongues upside down.

The young ones with too much energy we set bouncing on the bungee cords.

When we all needed to sit down, we climbed aboard a cable car to China Town.

We stopped by the Fortune Cookie Factory, where we were treated to free samples of fortune cookies. Mine said I was going to win an award, and I was! Wow!