Monday, March 9, 2009

Animals Talk to Me

I love Dr. Doolittle, and ever since I was a child and saw that movie, I wished that I could talk to the animals too. As time has passed, though, what I wish most of all is that I could listen to the animals. I wish the animals would talk to me. More precisely, I wish that I could understand the animals when they talk—to me or to each other.

My dogs, for instance understand a smattering of English—come, sit, stay, back, down, that again and you’re toast. That’s more English than I speak or even understand of Dog.

Several species of parrot can even speak English. But how many People can speak parrot?

In all fairness, I did meet a guy in Antarctica who could speak three dialects of Penguin. But I’m pretty sure Toby had no idea what he was saying.

For the most part I suspect that the animals I’ve met—whether they’re visiting my backyard, floating on Antarctic sea ice, or hanging out in top tourist destinations like Xel-ha—are telling me not to take life so seriously, to enjoy the world and all the beauty that surrounds me.

As a tribute to the beautiful animals I've listened to, here are a few more of my favorite pictures. I was the author of some, but others were taken by brilliant and talented friends and acquaintances, including Clare, DJ, Gitte, and the photographer at Xel-ha. (Note: The beautiful dog hiding in the Colorado brush is my brother's dog, Smokey.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate - Its good to catch up with you here! Wow- some amazing travels. Thanks for sharing your musings as you go - it adds so much to the vicarious experience. Hope all is well.

-- Laura Seals

Anonymous said...

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