Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rescue: Rockin' With the Best

I’ve been home for three weeks now, but that’s no reason not to adventure. Today was one of those not-so-rare to Colorado stunning, early spring days. Everybody was out. Some got higher on the spring air than others. While I was walking in our beautiful Garden of the Gods, I came upon a rescue. (You can watch the video compilation below.)

First of all, let me say that I admire these guys for getting out in nature, for breathing the cool, Colorado air, and for letting the day take them away. Second, let me mention that it’s not only written in some ordinance somewhere, but also probably a good idea not to do what these guys did without climbing ropes, experience, and advising someone of your plan. Lucky for them, they had at least one cell phone and unobstructed access to a cell tower. Ha, ha. They should have had good reception. They were on top of the world.

Whether you travel afar or you just explore your own back yard, the adventures are out there waiting for you.

In case you wonder what possessed these young men to make such a dangerous climb without the proper equipment, I included a few pictures of the Garden of the Gods. The first picture is the rock they climbed, known as Cathedral Rock. At the end of the slide I included a few shots of the Garden—almost, but not quite, what they got to see and experience. Today they were rockin’ with the best.

Cheers to Colorado Springs Fire Department, station 13, for bringing them safely back to the ground. The battalion chief was very gracious in directing me to the site of the rescue, and the whole team (from what I could hear) was extremely professional to those young men who got lifted up by life and deposited between a rock and a hard place.

Music that accompanies the video is DJ Pavo & The Prophet, Rocking With the Best.

I also posted this to YouTube if you want a larger view...Rockin' With the Best


Bill said...

I guess what goes up wishes they could come down. So, what are you, an adventure magnet? It was great to see the God's garden again. I almost forgot how amazing it looks. I bet those boys are half soaked in yuck yucks and beer tales by now, but they were very lucky.

Alexander Field said...

Looks like a beautiful spot to climb, though you won't find me trekking up a cliff face without equipment! : )

kate keeley said...

Wise choice, Alexander! Perhaps a potentially great story, though, somewhere in those rocks and that moment of reckless abandon?