Sunday, November 11, 2007

Man Overboard

A lot of you have asked for pictures so I'm uploading one here and more to my website.

If you must go out and rescue the head of the search and rescue team at Palmer Station, Antarctica, I can say from experience that a recent graduate of Boating II will be grateful for the wise and patient instruction of a most excellent teacher.

Today Kim and I completed our Boating II course and--beside the notable fact that we have piloted a zodiac around in Antarctica--we are now qualified to check out the boat and take excursions to the islands. (Okay, I admit we must still have a seasoned seaman on the boat with us.)

Part of our class was the "Man Overboard Drill." Both Kim and I steered the boat up beside our instructor (Ryan) who had kindly submerged himself in the chilly waters so we could practice. Neither of us ran him over so all of us were quite cheered by that. Brian Johnson was with us as well (another SAR/survival skills instructor). To his credit and Ryan's, neither of them yelped once in fear when I came in a little "hot" on one or two of my three or so landings.

ATA dictionary: running hot 1. a zodiac boat landing that is taken a little too fast and causes the boat to rock and might send an unwary passenger over the side. (Hence, the "Man Overboard Drill")

This level of excitement induces exhaustion and hunger. I feel obligated to share the fact that we are fed five times a day here by an exquisite chef. For lunch we had tuna melts, cream of tomato soup with dill, and freshies.

ATA dictionary: freshies 1. fresh fruits and veggies (lettuce doesn't grow here but lichen, sea grass, and kelp do)


Anonymous said...

Cool! That's what I'm talking about! Love the details and the ATAT dictionary is inspired! This is the perfect type of stuff for you to send us. Bravo to you Katie. This is fascinating. I cannot imagine eating lichens so you've really already got a few feathers in your cap.

Anonymous said...

WOW, Kate
What an awesome experience and I feel blessed in having you share it. I admire your get up and go and tackling a new adventure. I would love to see all the penquin activity, especially them swimming like darts. You are in my thoughts as you finish the trip. Alicia

Arturo said...

Thanks for taking the time to share all this with us, Kate. It is so exciting to read--I can`t imagine how exciting it must be to be actually living it! Do you manage to get any sleep at night in spite of the excitement? Can`t wait for the next segment! Take care and keep warm and having fun. Love ya.

Marc Willson said...

Thank You Kate! Glad you passed your Boating II certification! Enjoyed the pictures on Molly Finn site. Wonderful documentary, and bluetiful Antartic skies! I checked and Moon is in Aquarius (West) and the Southern Cross is rising for you at this time. This signifies good luck to you all! Say "Hi" to Molly for me! (70 degress in Manitou, Sunset at 16:26)

Chailyn said...

People should read this.