Thursday, November 22, 2007

Blue Ice

What endless ache lay down upon her breast?
Cutting, carving, etching ever deeper
Helping hide the secrets meant to keep her
Weeping and alone, not allowed to rest.

Why once did she agree to play a game
As cold and white as winter wind and snow
That left her soul with nowhere else to go
Made happiness and hurt seem all the same?

It matters not what promises were spoken
Or love betrayed or truth in silence lost
Now laugh and live and love and not know when
The pale, warming sun might rise within
And give of self no matter what the cost
That frees her crying, dying heart again.


Anonymous said...

This is just such a beautiful poem, Kate.
By the way, did you encounter anybody from that Cruise ship that sank near ATA?

kate keeley said...

Thank you for the comment on the poem. We didn't see anyone from the cruise ship here on station. They foundered quite a distance from Palmer, and another ship that was nearby picked up the passengers. The power of the ice is amazing, isn't it?