Saturday, October 20, 2007

AuthorFest of the Rockies

We just wrapped up the second annual AuthorFest of the Rockies writer's conference. In addition to the usual benefits--talking about writing with people who love talking about writing and meeting amazing and accomplished authors like Joanne Greenberg--the conference location was dreamy.

We met at the Cliff House, a restored historical building nestled into the foothills at the base of Pikes Peak. Between sessions authors, presenters, and attendees gathered on the huge wrap-around porch, sipped Rocky Mountain spring water, and talked books.

Another unusual and appealing aspect of the conference was the fact that young writers and book lovers attended the sessions. For a writer of young adult fiction, what a delight to have my readership attend the workshops. What a great way to support new writers and avid readers of all ages.

Who knew writing could lead to so many adventures? In less than two weeks, I'll be heading to Antarctica as a part of my grant sponsored by the National Science Foundation. I'll be observing and assisting scientists and gathering research for an upcoming novel in the Molly Finn series. If you want to follow this "cool" adventure, submit a question, or share your own icy adventures, click on the Antarctica tab on the Molly Finn website.

Will we find evidence of merlife on the frozen continent? I hope so!


Edward said...

Good luck with your great adventurer. Don't forget to take time and look around, some times we never take the time to do something so simple. I also cant wait to see some pictures of the great wild life that down south has to offer.

kate keeley said...

Wiser words were never spoken!

Anonymous said...

Be careful and I cannot wait to see all of the photos! May the sun keep you ever so warm and may Zeus and Odin watch your back. Here's to missing you and your fabulous friendship!! Lots of hugs - AK & family in NC