Sunday, October 21, 2007

Keeping in Touch from Antarctica

Like the geese and other migratory birds, I'm heading south. Unlike geese, who head toward warmer climes, I'm going as far south as I can. Because I may have about as much access to phones as geese do, but more opportunity than our feathered friends to keep in touch via the internet, I'm preparing this blog so that friends and family can track my journey.

Comparing myself to a goose ignited a certain curiosity. Where do the geese go? Check out the Ross' Goose as well as the patterns and perils of migration.

My journey will begin (like the geese) by air. I depart from Denver on American Airlines a week from Thursday, on November 1. My all-night flight takes off from Dallas and arrives in Santiago on November 2. By evening of my second day away, I'll be in Punta Arenas, Chile. As it was originally settled as a penal colony and posting for military soldiers with "problematic" behavior, looks like I'll fit right in. The place looks astoundingly beautiful, remote, and peaceful, but popular enough to be home to 120,000 people with ancestry as diverse as Great Britain, Yugoslavia, and Spain.

From Punta Arenas, we depart for Palmer Station, Antarctica on November 4. We'll be passengers aboard the U.S. Coast Guard Research & Supply vessel, the Laurence M. Gould. I'll be posting pictures, including one of the ship, to my online photo album.


Roger said...

Kate I do not see were you are going to play shuffle board or the pool?
HA HA !!

Enjoy you adventure!!!


Roger said...

I can not see were you play shuffle board on deck?
And were is the pool?

enjoy your adventure Kate.

kate keeley said...

I guess I will have to catch up on my reading or stand on deck and search for whales.

Still, the rooms on board look pretty nice.

Laura said...

Yea for Kate! Can't wait to see more.

I was going to put my name but click anonymous on the comment, because I'm woefully deliquent in posting to my blog. But, I can't post anonymously, so there you have it.

Susan said...

Good luck on the trip! I am emailing Lucia's teachers to see if the class can post some questions. We wish you the best!

kate keeley said...

Thank you all for your comments. I look forward to questions from Lucia and her classmates.

Anonymous said...

Dear Darling Eldest Daughter,

How are you doing? We're keeping busy here. We've been re-doing our kitchen and dining area. Have painted the walls "mustard," had a "professional" wall-paperer put up a farm-scene border, and are finishing the "waines-coating" that a fellow put up in the dining area. You'll have to come see it when you get back. I really like it.
We love reading your blog. The only trouble is that neither your dad nor I really know what we're doing. I sent, or thought I sent, messages to you both Sat. and Sun.; but evidently they didn't go through. I think it was because
Dad didn't use the correct address, but he didn't listen to me. :)
Keep keeping in touch. Best of luck with your exciting adventure. We think of you all the time. Happy scuba-diving! Hope you succeed in all of your "doings."
Love and Prayers,
Mom and Dad xo xo xo

Anonymous said...

Greetings from HP! I have stolen a few moments to watch Ann Curry on the TODAY show because guess what? She is in Antartica this week, too! What a brilliant, beautiful place. It helps me imagine the images when I try to picture you there. I do hope you are warm and safe and enjoying all the plump penguins. Thinking about you often. It is fall like and cool here in COS - no new snow so far, but I will keep you posted. Miss you! Sharon

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,
I am still trying to make contact. Mom did so from Sharon's computer. I hope to get it right one of these days. Best of Luck, Love, Dad

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