Thursday, October 25, 2007

What Does a Person Take to Antarctica?

Someone asked if I was packed already?

--Definitely not! That would be so un-Kate like.

However, I will concede to having placed some items on the bed in the guest room so that I can have a visual list of what I yet need to take along. So far the bed is strewn with merino wool undergarments, wrinkle-proof pants, shirts, a fleece jacket, miscellaneous pieces of paper, purple pens, anti-nausea medication, one of those wrist bracelets that is supposed to help with sea sickness, and Tootsie Pops.

Any other suggestions?

Shall we start one of those raffles like they do for football games or the birth of a new baby? Anyone want to guess what will be the first exotic creature I will see and on what day?

I'll award a signed copy of Molly Finn and the City under the Sea to the winner. Everyone else has to buy a copy on

You can post your entries to the blog, but no repeats. If repeats appear, the first post wins the prize.


Anonymous said...

Great pic Kate! Which begs the question. Who would go on a once-in-a-lifetime trip without a digital camera? Don't forget to take a camera to document this event.

Derrick said...

You are an inspiration!
I am proud of you, my friend.
Rev. Diane (just so you don't confuse me with the many other Dianes in your life!)
P.S. Don't forget extra batteries for that digital camera - not just the charger!

Anonymous said...

Kate - this is so exciting.

Have you got the perfect nylon bag? (light weight, lots of organizing pockets for chargers, batteries, iPod, pens, etc & a bottom that allows it to stand up so you can work out of it?)

Will you be posting while on the ship, or only after you arrive at the station?

Really looking forward to following this trip!

Michelle L

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

We just sent off our daughter on a 4 month semester at sea voyage and some things she has needed: A way to back up her photos (her computer crashed), a small backpack, antibiotics or is there a way to get that there?, ibuprofin, waterbottle. Good luck and have a great voyage!


kate keeley said...

These are all great ideas and not one of these items is sitting on the bed!

Except the camera...but the other artist going on the voyage is a photographer and a sculptor (Kim Baranowski) so I'm going to ask her for some of her great pictures if mine don't turn out...

Susan said...

Packing is not my strong point, but I would take a couple of bags of Dove Dark Chocolate Squares--one for each day of the trip.

Would you be willing to do the raffle for Lucia's class? There are about 14 girls in the class who could be future Molly Finn fans! Lucia could share something about the exotic creatures you're likely to see and your itinerary and the kids could make their guesses. Her teachers were excited to learn about your trip and the chance to have the class submit questions to you. said...

From Mrs.Murray's Class...
Sara says "Hi again! When you get back, can you tell us about the water and what you saw there?

William asks if you will tell us about your trip when you get back.

Elise... When you get there, can you tell us if you see any interesting animals?

Parker asks if you will tell us about any penguins you see sliding on their bellies?
Cassie says that when you get there, could you send us some pictures?

Nicki asks when you get there, can you record some more sounds for us to listen to?

Dominique asks if you have finished the book you were working on when you were here?

When you pack, please remember your swimsuit, toothpaste, toothbrush, coat, flip-flops, first aid kit, camera, warm coat, and scuba gear. WE ARE THINKING OF YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Hi sis- Don't forget your electric socks (battery powered) and a case of energizer batteries! Love, Steve

kate keeley said...

Hello Mrs. Murray's class,

Thank you for the wonderful questions and the super suggestions for things to pack. I will keep you posted on the questions you've asked, once I get there and spend some time watching those penguins (and other animals).

I will see about recording some sounds, but I don't know if my little recorder will capture penguin and seal sounds from a respectable distance. I will let you know.

I wonder what other sounds I might hear. Any guesses?

kate keeley said...

Regarding Dominique's question--Yes the book is published. Hurrah! said...

Hi Kate,

Is your camera for underwater use? It would be great to get some pics of fish if you get the chance to dive. I too am not so hot at packing... Maybe a flash drive,small journal, and an extra set of gloves.

Happy sailing,

Edward said...

Hmmm I was trying to come up with somthing cool that you should take but i could not so I cheated and asked google it gave me some ideas and i found a site that is for a completely diffrente trip but it might give you some ideas.
know hear are some things i think you might like to take such as a pocket knife and,flairs. I hope the sight and my ideas help.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate... Don't forget your SmartWool socks! Marc

kate keeley said...

Great ideas on packing. Thank you all. I shall be well stocked and supplied. The URL was an excellent help too--special thanks to Edward for sending that along.

miss d said...

Hi Kate, just getting caught up with your adventure. You are fabulous. Can't wait to read each entry and follow your trip every chance I get. Safe travels to you my dear

Anonymous said...

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like u have done so much
keep working

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Anonymous said...

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