Friday, October 26, 2007

Questions Are the Sign of Great Minds

I am getting so many great questions about the trip (not to mention super suggestions on what to take along). My favorite recommendation so far is: swimsuit.

Did you know there is an amazing lady, Lynne Cox, who swam for 30 minutes in the freezing waters of Antarctica? Does anyone know why some fish, whales, penguins, and seals can swim in those cold waters?

Questions are the one thing I can think of the brilliant people all have in common. Most of the questions will require:

1. Careful observation
2. Quiet contemplation
3. Asking more questions
4. Writing down the answers

As I discover the answers, I will record them in this blog.


Diane M. said...

I'm sure I could find the answer online somewhere, but let me float a couple of guesses:
1) Their body temperatures are much lower than humans', so the cold water is closer to "normal" to them.
2) Their blood is thinner so it still flows well at lower temperatures, like using 5w30 oil in a car instead of 10w30 or plain 30-weight.
Two uneducated guesses to get the conversation started!

kate keeley said...

Those are good guesses! And could be true.

The ones I know are:

1. The blubber on whales and seals helps to keep them warm
2. Some fish have "anti-freeze" in their blood.

I believe you were right on track!

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