Monday, October 29, 2007

Does This Count as a Nightmare?

Well, my bed continues to amass all sorts of indispensible items for the trip south. The mattress is sagging in the middle, but the peak is a nearing a record altitutude for Colorado. Pretty soon we will have another 14'er...

Rarely does my mind even turn to what goes in the suitcase sooner than the night before departure, but this is two months! Last night I dreamed about packing and, on the bright side, the suitcase seemed to be a cousin to Mary Poppin's bottomless case. On the dark side, I just couldn't seem to get everything stuffed inside my Dimension 10 Samonsite. My palms were sweaty with the fear of not getting to the plane on time. Then I woke up.

The bed is still a mess, but I have not missed my plane.

Thank you all for the great suggestions on what to take along. The most unusual might be "ginger chews." I'll let you know how well they work on the high seas. Hmm...another strange one: vodka. Does vodka have some "anti-freeze" properties to keep the blood from turning to ice? The most unexpected: Sorel socks. They are warm!

If I'm missing anything, it's my own fault. Thank you all again for your suggestions and support.

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